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My Approach to Therapy

I believe that you are the expert in your own life, and I will support you to connect to your innate wisdom, self-knowledge and resilience. Drawing on extensive training in evidence-based and trauma-informed modalities, I will use my empathic presence and skills to build trust and safety, then together, we can uncover the path to your growth and healing.


As a therapist, I tailor my approach to bring in the tools, resources and frameworks that will support your unique needs. I draw on a range of modalities, including mindfulness, internal family systems, sensorimotor, emotion-focused, relational, attachment and psychodynamic psychotherapies.

More about Somatic Therapy

My approach is grounded in a mindful and somatic (body) orientation to include the wisdom and innate healing power of our bodies. Including the body in psychotherapy means we explore how past and current experiences are processed and held within the body, by paying attention to things like breath, posture, impulses, movement, emotional responses and nervous system activation. This can help uncover differences between the stories we hold in our minds, and how they are experienced in the body, giving us deeper insight into what is needed to heal, grow and make desired changes. 

Equity and Inclusion

My practice is grounded in values of equity and inclusion. I am committed to practising with an understanding of how gender identity, race, culture, class, sexual orientation and ability can impact our experiences in the world, as well as our mental health. I believe in harm-reduction and also foster a sex/sex work positive space, kink positive, as well as LGBTQ2S+ and poly-inclusive space. I endeavor to create respectful, safer spaces where each person’s identity is understood within the context of their own life experiences.  

Contact Me

If you are interested in exploring my services, the best way to see if we are a good fit is to contact me about a free 30-minute telephone consultation. I generally respond to inquiries within 48 hours, from Monday to Friday.

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